Baloch Nationalist Army takes responsibility for attacks on Pakistani military

at 8:57 pm
Representative pic of Balochistan

Quetta: Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) today said its freedom fighters have caused substantial loss to Pakistani military and its agents operating against the interests of Baloch people in Balochistan.

Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) Sarmachars killed a military personnel with a sniper attack  at a checkpoint of the occupying forces in Chukkap river in Mand area yesterday, its spokesman said in a statement today.

“In another operation, Baloch Nationalist Army Sarmachars shot dead Muhammad Gul, a State-backed Death Squad member, at Khudabadan Saravan in Panjgur this morning,” he said.

Mohammad Gul was targeted on the identification of Rehman Aziz, an MI (Military Intelligence) operative who was killed yesterday, the spokesman said.

Gul had been involved in the martyrdom and abduction of Baloch youth for many years under the command of Mullah Naveedok, the BNA spokesman said.

“Muhammad Gul, who was brought to his end today, was accompanied by Mullah Naveeduk in the martyrdom of Hidayatullah alias Balach, the commander of the organization in Shadi Kaur Pasni on 12 February 2022,” the spokesman said.

These culprits are also involved in drug trafficking, theft, robbery and other social evils in and around Panjgur, he said.

“We would like to warn the Panjgur Police once again to refrain from pursuing our Sarmachars at the behest of the MI and the occupying forces or else they will be targeted by revoking the concession given to them for being locals and Baloch,” he warned.

He said the police team, which chased the sarmachars today, was not targeted because they were Baloch people.