Big blow to Pak Army, 17 killed by BLF

at 1:00 am

Quetta: Baloch freedom fighters have delivered a heavy blow to occupying Pakistani military in Balochistan, killing 17 personnel, including a Major and a Captain, in an attack on a security post.

The attack in Dasht area of Kech District in Balochistan has been owned by Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), which is fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan.

BLF spokesperson said its cadres killed 17 personnel of occupying Pakistani military in an attack in Dasht area of #Balochistan.

The group admitted that one of its cadres was killed during the crossfire with the military men.

Weapons of slain military men were “confiscated” during the attack on the military post, the spokesperson said.

According to reports, the attack, which began late last night, lasted for over 5 hours and all the personnel in the post were killed.

Baloch fighters apparently recorded the attack as pictures emerged on social media showing a huge blaze emerging from a post.

The Pakistan government or the security establishment, like in the past, has not acknowledged the setback and the casualties suffered in the attack.

However, the social media carried pictures of bodies being ferried.

It’s believed that identity of at least 10 slain security personnel has been established. Eight of them were from Punjab.

Some of the killed were identified as Major Jawad, Captain Ubaid and Sepoys Farhan, Naveed, Waqas, Adnan, Arsalan and Yasir.