BLA: 195 Pakistani soldiers killed in Panjgur, Noshki Op; Objectives achieved

at 1:04 pm

Quetta: Delivering the biggest blow to Pakistani forces, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) today said its 16 suicide attackers killed 195 Pakistani soldiers in the twin attack on the Frontier Corps (FC) campuses in Panjgur and Noshki areas of Balochistan.

The BLA, which is fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan, rubbished the much lesser figures of casualties of security forces acknowledged by the Pakistani establishment, saying they are hiding the real numbers because of humiliation suffered.

The gunbattle at Panjgur FC headquarters lasted for 72 hours while the gunfight at Noshki lasted for 20 hours, the BLA said in a statement released sometime back.

It said the attacks, which started at 8 PM on February 2, were launched under code name ‘Operation Ganjal’ and it achieved all its objectives despite the Pakistani military using all force, including helicopter gunships and heavy artillery, to wrest control of the two campuses.

“16 highly trained Fidayees of Majeed Brigade carried out Operation Ganjal,” BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement.

He said 9 fidayeen were involved in the Noshki attack, whereas 7 fidayeen took part in Panjgur attack.

“The Fidayeen took control of two different camps of Pakistani forces and eliminated more than 195 personnel of the enemy and injured several more. Three officers of the enemy forces were also killed,” Baloch said.

“More than 90 enemy personnel, including approximately 55 personnel of Frontier Corps, 18 SSG Commandos and 7 Lite Commandos were killed in Noshki, whereas at least 105 enemy personnel were neutralized in Panjgur,” he said.

The killed soldiers included 85 personnel of Frontier Corps and 20 SSG Commandos, the BLA spokesman said.

During the battle, a military drone was shot, whereas a helicopter was also targeted, he said, adding however, it could not be ascertained if this helicopter crashed or not.

Two armored vehicles of the Pakistani military were destroyed, while both military camps were partially destroyed, he said.

“Operation Ganjal is named after martyr Ganjal alias Comrade Mazar of Lyari Karachi,” Baloch said.

Ganjal, commander of BLA in Kalat region, was also a Fidayeen, who attained martyrdom on September 24 last year along with 5 other freedom fighters while defending the organisation’s camp in Kalat, he said.

“The main objective of Operation Ganjal was not only to show occupying state Pakistan but also the entire world the military capabilities of the Baloch resistance movement,” the BLA spokesman said.

“This operation confirms the fact that Baloch youth can go to any extent to achieve Baloch national liberation. Baloch freedom movement is a homegrown movement, and its power sources lie in Baloch public,” he said.

“All Baloch fidayees involved in Operation were educated Baloch youth who were born in Balochistan and, following the philosophy of General Aslam Baloch, died defending the motherland,” he added.

“It should be now clear that this freedom movement cannot be weakened by any changes in neighboring countries or by being labeled as a proxy movement,” he said.

The BLA spokesman said Pakistani military is hiding its dead bodies due to internal pressure and embarrassment it has suffered on international platform.

“BLA totally rejects ISPR statements and considers it as a bundle of lies,” he added.

The Fidayeen killed 105 enemy personnel in Panjgur and 90 in Noshki, including officers, and destroyed large parts of the camps. Dozens of enemy personnel were also injured.

The objective of Panjgur unit was to take control of the enemy’s camp for maximum time possible, the BLA spokesperson said.

After storming the camp with an vehicle-borne IED attack at the main gate, Baloch fidayeen took control of the whole camp, he said.

Pakistani forces used its ground troops, including Special Services Group Commandos and even gunship helicopters to take back the control of the camp, he said.

“The enemy forces with the SSG Commandos, armoured vehicles and gunship helicopters made five large attempts to gain control,” Baloch said, adding the fidayeen repulsed every attack and inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy.

“For 72 hours, the fidayeen managed to successfully defend their positions while fighting against Pakistani elite military units,” he said.

“After failure of all ground attempts, Pakistani gunship helicopters heavily bombarded positions of fidayeen and after a long, heroic resistance, all fidayeen embraced martyrdom,” the BLA spokesman said.

In Operation Ganjal, BLA Majeed Brigade had full support of all allied organisations of BRAS.

This major, complex and strong attack not only shows the extent to which Baloch nation can go for its independence but also highlights the importance and benefits of united and consolidated power of resistance.