After Punjgur, Noshki attacks, BLA invites Pakistan to talk freedom of Balochistan

at 2:32 pm
Baloch Liberation Army (representative pic)

Quetta: After conducting the biggest strike against Pakistani military, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) today asked Pakistan to realize that the Baloch people would go to any extent to achieve freedom and invited it to the negotiation table to discuss “complete independence of our motherland”.



The BLA, in a statement after completion of attacks on the Frontier Corps campuses in Panjgur and Noshki, also warned China against aiding Pakistan in looting Baloch resources, failing which their interests would be targeted by the freedom fighters.



It said the Pakistani military is involved in “Bangladesh style crimes” in Balochistan in an effort to strengthen its occupation of the region.



“Baloch Liberation Army values human lives and we do not find happiness in ending any life,” the outfit said after claiming that its 16 fidayeen killed 195 Pakistani soldiers in the twin attacks in Punjgur and Noshki.



“If Pakistan, instead of bloodshed and carnage, opts for peace then we in the presence of an international guarantor invite Pakistan to the negotiation table,” said the statement issued by BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch.



“We are ready for negotiations on agendas of secure withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Balochistan and complete independence of our motherland,” he said.




However, if the Pakistani military is hell bent on violence, then we warn it with clear words that our next attacks will be much harsher and we will go to any extent for defending our homeland,” he added.


Baloch asserted that the outfit has the full capability of taking this war to any part of Pakistan.



“We also want to tell the people of Punjab that you should not let the military Generals to use your children as cannon fodders in their wars,” he said, asking the people of Pakistani to pressurize their military to withdraw from Balochistan.


“Your (Pakistani) military, in order to strengthen its occupation of Balochistan, is involved in Bangladesh style crimes including Baloch genocide, rape and plundering of Baloch resources,” the BLA said, addressing the people of Pakistan.



Balochistan, rich in natural resources like gas, was occupied forcibly by Pakistan in 1948 and since then the people of the region have been struggling for independence.


In an effort to suppress the freedom struggle, the Pakistani establishment and forces indulge in extreme forms of human rights violations against the Baloch people.



Killings, rapes and enforced disappearances are the order of the day in Balochistan, provoking the Baloch people to resort to violent means.


To exploit the rich natural resources of Balochistan, Pakistan has lately started taking the help of China, angering the Baloch people further.


“We once again warn China to refrain from aiding Pakistan in looting Baloch resources and strengthening occupation of our motherland or else their interests will once again be at our target,” the BLA spokesman said.