BLA attacks vehicles looting Balochistan’s resources to Pakistan

at 6:20 pm
Baloch Liberation Army (representative pic)

Quetta: In a message to the Pakistanis looting Balochistan’s natural resources, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has carried out an attack on several vehicles ferrying such material in the Hub area of the occupied region.

“Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army attacked several vehicles with IED and automatic weapons in Hub, Balochistan,” the outfit’s spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.
“These vehicles were carrying the looted Baloch natural resources from Balochistan to Pakistan,” he said.
The targeted vehicles were involved in exploitation of marble stones from Dalbandin and other areas of Balochistan, Baloch added.
“This attack was a warning to the owners and contractors of these companies. If the plundering of Baloch resources is not stopped, then our future attacks will be of much higher intensity,” he warned.
Baloch said responsibility for any loss of life in such attacks will lie on these companies.
BLA is a prominent organisation fighting for Independence of Balochistan from Pakistan.
Balochistan was occupied forcibly by Pakistan in 1948.
The spokesman also said that Pakistani propagandists were sharing fake statements using the name of Baloch Liberation Army for last few months to create confusion amongst the public.
“We want to clarify that BLA only releases its statements, publications and multimedia content through its official Telegram channel Hakkal. Any BLA statement can be verified through our official channel or any reliable media organisation,” he added.