BLA issues warning to firms involved in exploitation of resources in Balochistan

at 1:42 pm
Baloch Liberation Army (representative pic)
Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a group fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan, has issued a stern warning to companies involved in exploitation of the natural resources of the occupied region as it carried out an attack on the site of a firm involved in such activities.
The freedom fighters of the outfit carried out a raid on the field site of company in Pad Maran in Kalat, the BLA said in a statement, without naming the firm.
BLA fighters destroyed vehicles, machinery and other assets of the company during the raid, its spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement.
“The said corporation has been plundering fluorite and other natural resources of Balochistan,” he said.
People of Balochistan have been engaged in decades-old struggle for independence from Pakistan, which has been forcibly occupying the region for its rich natural resources.
“BLA warns that if exploitation of resources was not immediately halted, then our future attacks will be of higher intensity,” the spokesman said.
“We warn the local contractors and leaseholders to refrain from being part of enemy‚Äôs exploitative projects or they will be responsible of their losses,” he added.