BLA issues warning to traitors

at 12:49 am
Baloch Liberation Army (representative pic)

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has issued a dire warning to traitors who act as agents of the occupying Pakistani forces in Balochistan and indulge in crimes against brethren Baloch people.

The outfit, which is fighting for independence of Balochistan from Pakistan, issued the warning after eliminating one such traitor.

Freedom fighters of BLA’s Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) eliminated Habeeb Shah, the leader of an enemy-sponsored ‘death squad’ in Hub area of Balochistan, the organization said.

The STOS members targeted the vehicle of Habeeb Shah near Shakir Hotel in Hub, BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said.

In the attack Habeeb Shah was killed, whereas two of his guards were injured, he added.

“Shah abandoned the Baloch freedom struggle and surrendered before the enemy (Pakistani) forces in 2016. Since then, he was heading a death squad in Kalat under the patronage of Zia Langove,” Baloch said.

A ‘death squad’ is a kind of militia formed and supported by Pakistani state agencies to abduct, kill and commit other forms of crimes against the Baloch people.

“Habeeb Shah was involved in crimes including abductions and killings of innocent civilians. He also accompanied enemy forces in military operations in Shoor Parodh,” BLA spokesperson said in a statement.

Baloch said Shah was involved in extortions and other crimes under the cover of BAP, the so-called political party created by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

“BLA has made it clear that it will not let any national traitors unpunished,” Baloch said.

“We also warn Levies personnel to avoid providing protection to state agents like Habeeb Shah or they will be responsible for their losses,” the BLA spokesperson said.

He recalled that earlier on February 20, BLA fighters targeted state agent Kohi Khan Mengal’s house in Kalat with a hand grenade.

Two of Kohi Khan’s guards were injured in the attack.

“BLA’s operations against occupying forces and its agents will continue,” he said.