BLA: Killed 171 Pakistani security personnel, injured 251 in 247 attacks in 2023 in Balochistan

at 7:07 pm
Pic Representing Baloch Liberation Army (BLA)

Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a frontline freedom-seeking warrior group of Balochistan, today said it carried out 247 attacks on the occupying Pakistani military in the last year 2023, killing at least 171 enemy personnel and injuring 251.

At least 42 collaborators, informers and agents of the Pakistani forces were also killed during the year in Balochistan, it said in a statement.

It said the 247 attacks included 9 special operations and 2 self-sacrificing operations (suicide attacks).

“Baloch Liberation Army continued its armed operations against occupying Pakistani military and its collaborators and agents. The highly trained warriors of Baloch Liberation Army successfully defeated the enemy forces at various fronts,” the statement said.

It said the BLA inflicted “heavy material losses” on the enemy forces, destroying at least 99 vehicles and motorbikes, besides targeting 23 military installations and 4 drones.

The ‘Majeed Brigade’ of Baloch Liberation Army, a unit meant for special operations, carried out 2 self-sacrificing operations, in which 3 fidayeen (suicide attackers) took part, the statement said.

It recalled the fidayeen attack by woman BLA freedom fighter Sumaiya Qalandarani on a “high value target” of Pakistani military’s secret agencies in Turbat on June 24, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.

On August 13, BLA Majeed Brigade carried out its second operation of the year, it pointed out, referring to the attack in which 4 Chinese nationals and 11 personnel of Pakistani military were killed and several more injured.

“This successful two-hour-long operation in Gwadar was the third phase of operation Zir Pahazag. Fidayee Naveed Baloch alias Aslam and Maqbool Baloch alias Qayim, BLA’s intelligence wing and the technical wing took part in this operation,” the BLA said.

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Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) and Fateh Squad of BLA carried out 7 operations in the year.

The Fateh Squad captured an enemy camp of occupying Pakistani military near Quetta, confiscating all enemy belongings.

STOS not only targeted the personnel of Pakistani military’s subordinate organisations but also arrested two personnel of Pakistani military, the BLA said.

14 freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army embraced martyrdom during the year 2023.

They were Martyr Mumtaz alias Mullah Behram, Martyr Ghanni Marri alias Hassan, Martyr Waleed alias Commando Bahar, Martyr Muslim alias Guru Jabbar, Martyr Comrade Maqsood alias Comrade Mehrwaan, Martyr Masood alias Balaach, Martyr Meeran alias Guru, Martyr Faiz Buzdar alias Diljan, Martyr Shahid Dur Bibi alias Durra, Martyr Najeeb Lehri alias Rafeeq, Martyr Aaamir Sarparah alias Umar, Fidayee Sumaiya Qalandrani alias Sammo, Fidayee Naveed alias Aslam and Fidayee Maqbool aias Qayim.

“BLA will continue to target occupying Pakistani military, its collaborators and agents, and enemy installations until the enemy forces are forced to flee the Baloch motherland,” the statement declared.