BLA says it killed 272 Pakistani soldiers, injured over 100 from Jan to June this year

at 9:22 pm
Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), which is fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, has claimed to have killed 272 Pakistani soldiers and secret agents and injured over 100 during the six-month period ending June this year.
These many soldiers were killed in 95 attacks carried out by the BLA, according to the details shared by the outfit.
It said that 39 enemy personnel were “arrested” by the BLA during this period, which began on January 1,2024.
The attacks were carried out by the BLA in 43 districts of Balochistan, the outfit said.
Three of the operations were carried out by the ‘fidayeen’ unit, called Majeed Brigade’.
The same number of operations were carried out by the Special Tactical Operations Division and the Al-Fateh Division, the outfit said.
During this period, the BLA also captured 5 military camps, seized 20 weapons and destroyed 23 vehicles, it said.
The BLA has vowed to target the Pakistani military and its agents until Balochistan is freed by Pakistan which forcibly captured the region in 1948.