BLA says it killed 5 Pak military men, injured several in attack on outpost

at 8:44 pm
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New Delhi (NV): Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) today said its fighters raided an outpost of Pakistani military in Zoren Dok area of Bolan in Balochistan yesterday, killing 5 security personnel and injuring several others besides destroying the installation.
“The fierce attack forced enemy personnel to flee their posts, which were then occupied by freedom fighters of BLA,” said Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson of the outfit.
“Five Pakistani personnel were killed and several personnel were injured in this attack. BLA fighters completely destroyed the outposts and confiscated weapons and belongings of the enemy troops,” Baloch said in a statement.BLA is fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan, which occupied the region by force in 1948.

“The continuous defeat and abandonment of its posts time and again has showed that Pakistani Army is only competent to inflict brutalities on the innocent civilians but completely fails to put up even a slight resistance in the battleground,” the BLA spokesperson said.

“BLA reiterates that our such attacks against the Pakistani military will continue for the defence of Baloch nation and until the achievement of Balochistan’s independence,” Baloch said.