Book: Rajendra Prasad His Life and Thought

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India’s first President Dr Rajendra Prasad was a symbol of simple living and high thinking.
He impressed  his teachers in such a manner during his student life that it led to one of his examiners to actually  comment that the examinee is better than the examiner.
Many milestones were achieved by him on the journey  from his school  in his village to Calcutta.
He practiced law in the High Courts  of Patna and Calcutta but gave up the practice to participate  in the Indian Struggle for Independence.
Dr Rajendra Prasad’s political career began with the Champaran Satyagraha which was led by Mahatma Gandhi.
 As President of the Constituent Assembly of India, Dr Rajendra  Prasad used patience, discipline  and knowledge to play a pivotal role in formation  of the Indian Constitution.
In addition,  he played an important  role as Minister of the Food and Agriculture Department  in the Central  Interim Government.
Furthermore, he wrote several major books and articles as well as gave lectures on a variety of topics which hold relevance  in the current  scenario and will continue  to do so in the future.
 Autobiography and India Divided are two of his most influential works.
The book in question  Rajendra Prasad: His Life and Thought,  published by National Book Trust, India, Ministry of Education, Government of India is a brief biography  of Dr Rajendra  Prasad, including  valuable views and thoughts  that have been depicted in his books, articles  and lectures.
 Dr Braj Kumar Pandey (Ph.D), author has worked  as a professor  of Political  Science for 35 years at Rajnarayan College, Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Bihar.
He retired in the year 1998. Writing over three dozen books in Hindi and English, he has made a valuable contribution in the field of politics  and literature