Book: Swami Sahjanand Saraswati

at 4:58 pm
It is truly difficult to evaluate and assess the greatness of Swami Sahjanand  Saraswati, a a popular leader of the peasant movement.
An ascetic leader, he fought tirelessly for the peasants and labour class which suffered the most under the tyrant zamindars.
In order to form an opinion about  different facets of this great man it is important to understand the principles, ethics and values he stood for during the movement.
Swami Sahjanand  Saraswati selflessly devoted his life to fight for the cause of the oppressed class.
The author Nilanshu Ranjan, is a leading Journalist. Nisha Pankaj,  the translator of this work, teaches at a reputed school in Patna.
The book has been published by National Book Trust, India, Ministry of Education, Government of India.