Bridal Makeup as a Career

at 12:01 pm

Dwijendra Kumar

Indian wedding market is huge and second, next to US only in terms of value and estimated to be worth approx 50 billion dollars. It offers huge opportunities for fashion designers in terms of churning out bridal wears in variety of hues, cuts and styles. Bridal makeup is another essential ingredient of the wedding planning process. Ishita Rishi CIDESCO certified in Media Makeup , is an established name in the field of bridal makeup. She shares tips on how to make a career in the bridal makeup in this interview. Excerpts:

Q1. What is bridal makeup?
Ans. Bridal makeup is exclusive, and one wears this kind of makeup only on her wedding day. This kind of makeup takes a lot of time to finish, and the artist plans, designs and customizes it thoughtfully well in advance. This makeup look is different from the regular makeup which one wears in offices,parties etc.
Bridal makeup however is complex and time -consuming.

Q2. What are your views on Bridal makeup as a career? What wud you advise to budding makeup artists or those interested in pursuing a career in the field?

Ans. Wedding Makeup as a career is gaining enormous amount of momentum as more and more professionals are involving themselves into this profession because of the sheer glam, work life balance, creativity and monetary benefits.
This profession has high demand and if one wants to make a career in wedding makeup artistry then one really need to focus on these things:

EDUCATION : Education is necessary in every step of our life so one need to complete her basic education (like UGC) before doing any degree courses. And after completing it then go for a good Makeup artistry course.

CREATIVITY : This industry demands creativity & imagination only then one can level up her skills in this field.

PERSONALITY : The industry is glamorous and one’s personality must resonate as a confident individual.

• HYGIENE : It is an important part of the cosmetology industry and now after this pandemic it has become the integral part of everyone’s life whether one is a doctor,hairdresser,esthetician or a makeup artist.