Cabinet approves ‘Mission Karmayogi’ for civil services capacity building

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

New Delhi (NVI): The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today approved Mission Karmayogi, a national programme for civil services capacity building, for the civil servants, which it said will help them in the future.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that officers and employees in government will get the opportunity to improve their performance with Mission Karmayogi.

“This is the biggest Human Resources Development reform in the government,” Javadekar said at a press briefing on the Cabinet’s decisions.

At the top will be an HR council, chaired by the prime minister, and consisting of select Union ministers and chief ministers. It will also have eminent thought leaders (noted academics, and global leaders) and civil services leadership.

“This scheme is based on the government’s vision on how a civil servant should be. A civil servant of today, in order to meet the challenges of the world, will have to be imaginative and innovative, proactive and polite, professional and progressive, energetic and enabling, transparent and tech enabled, and constructive and creative,” said C Chandramouli, Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). He was also addressing the press conference along with Javadekar.

He added that Mission Karmayogi focuses on individual (civil servants) and institutional capacity building.

The schemes will be accessible for all, from section officers to secretaries.

“A civil servant should be imaginative & innovative, proactive & polite, professional & progressive, energetic & enabling, transparent & tech-enabled, constructive & creative in order to meet the challenges of the society,” further added Chandramouli.

In addition to this, the Cabinet also approved three memorandums of understanding (MoU), Javadekar said. These include MoUs between textile ministry and Japan for quality evaluation method, between mining ministry and Finland, and between ministry of new and renewable energy and Denmark