No decision by China yet on return of foreign students: Indian Embassy in Beijing              

New Delhi (NVI): The Chinese authorities have not yet taken any decision regarding the return of foreign students to the colleges and universities in the country, the Indian Embassy in Beijing has said in a statement.

The statement addressed the concerns of Indian students studying in China, essentially regarding their return to their Colleges/Universities.

The Indian Embassy said that the Chinese government had restricted the entry of foreigners into China, permitting such entry only in specific circumstances.

“While some exceptions have since been made with regard to some categories of foreigners who can enter China with fresh visa, foreign students have not been included in any of these categories,” read the statement.

“The Ministry of Education of China has published on its website that all overseas students and teachers who have not received notice from their respective educational institutions will not return to their Colleges/Universities until further instructions’,” it said.

The Embassy further said that it has been taking up Indian students’ concerns with Chinese authorities including the Ministry of Education.

“The response of the Chinese authorities regarding their stand on the return of foreign students to China is awaited. The same will be updated through a press release as soon as it is received,” it said.

Apart from that, the Embassy has advised Indian students to monitor the website of the Indian Embassy/Consulates in China and their social media channels to remain updated about the evolving situation in respect of the return of foreign students to China.

“Indian students are also advised to remain in touch with their respective universities/colleges in this regard,” it concluded,” the Embassy statement read.

Interestingly, the first Covid-19 case in India was a 20-year-old Indian medical student who flew down from Wuhan to Kerala and was diagnosed with the virus.

It is pertinent to mention here that the deadly coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan city of central China last year and then spread all over the world. According to reports in foreign media, the situation is getting back to normal in the city and in other parts of China as well.

Students in face masks returned to their classes yesterday in Wuhan, as the city opened schools and kindergartens for the first time in seven months.

The relations between India and China have soured over the past four months due to escalating border tensions.