Coronavirus cases surpass 31.7 million worldwide

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New Delhi (NVI): More than 31.7 million people around the world have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and almost 9,75,000 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 21.8 million people have recovered.

In the US, the number of coronavirus infections have surpassed 6.9 million while the death toll has crossed 2,01,000 in the country.

Brazil’s coronavirus cases are nearing 4.6 million while the number of fatalities have exceeded 1,38,000.

Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus caseload rose to 7,10,049 on Wednesday, according to updated data from the health ministry, along with a reported death toll of 74,949. Authorities reported 4,786 new cases along with 601 deaths on Wednesday.

Italy recorded 1,392 new cases compared with 10,799 in Spain, 10,088 in France and 4,926 in the UK.

Israel is tightening its coronavirus lockdown after an alarming spike in new cases. Israel went back into lockdown, its second during the pandemic, on September 18 but ministers have ordered a total lockdown to stem the rise which has seen 7,000 cases a day in a country of 9 million.

Germany’s confirmed cases increased by 2,143 to 2,78,070. The reported death toll rose by 19 to 9,428, the tally showed.

China reported seven new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, down from 10 the day before, the country’s national health authority said on Thursday.