COVID-19: 5 states account for 62% active cases in India, says Health Ministry

New Delhi (NVI): Five states – Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra – account for 62 per cent of COVID-19 cases in India, according to Union Health Ministry.

The Health Ministry Secretary, Rajesh Bhushan, while addressing a press conference today said that, “There has been 13.7 per cent weekly decrease in the number of active cases in Andhra Pradesh, 16.1 per cent decrease in Karnataka, 6.8 per cent decrease in Maharashtra and 23.9 per cent decrease in Tamil Nadu, 17.1 per cent decrease in Uttar Pradesh.”

He further added that these states account for 70 per cent COVID-19 deaths in India, adding that there is an increase in the case fatality trajectory in Karnataka and Delhi.

Meanwhile, India’s coronavirus disease recoveries are nearing the three-million mark, after the country registered the highest single-day recoveries in the last 24 hours at 68,584, taking the total number of COVID cured patients to 2,970,492, according to Health Ministry data.

A continuous uptick in average daily recoveries has led to India’s recovery rate at 77.09 per cent and a low case fatality rate (CFR) at 1.75 per cent.

A higher number of recoveries and declining fatality has shown that India’s graded strategy has worked. India has posted 21.5 lakh more recoveries than the active cases currently at 8,15,538.

The recovered patients have increased to more than 3.6 times the active cases, as on date. The record high recoveries have ensured that the actual caseload of the country viz. the active cases, has reduced and currently comprises only 21.16 per cent of the total positive cases.

From the beginning of January 2020, the Centre assiduously followed a graded, pre-emptive and proactive response and management strategy for COVID-19 in the country. The focused, collaborative and ‘whole of government’ approach has yielded success.

Building on the continuum of care approach, the policy of testing, tracking and treating efficiently is led by the Centre and implemented in conjunction with the state and UT governments.

Focused attention on effective surveillance and house-to-house contact tracing has led to early detection and identification of COVID-19 cases. The mild and moderate cases are treated under supervised home isolation. As per the standardized clinical management protocol based on the holistic Standard of Care approach, the critical and severe patients are hospitalised and provided the best medical care.

Meanwhile, the The ‘eSanjeevani’ digital platform of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has completed 2 lakh teleconsultations. Union Government has pointed out that ‘eSanjeevaniOPD’ enabling patient-to-doctor telemedicine owing to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020 has proved a boon in containing the spread of COVID while simultaneously enabling provisions for non-COVID essential healthcare.