Domestic cargo flights empowering India’s fight against COVID-19

New Delhi (NVI): Efforts at policy and ground level are being taken to add substantially in the country’s fight against Covid-19 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The cargo that is being delivered to various parts of the country includes COVID-19 related reagents, enzymes, medical equipment, testing kits & PPE, masks, gloves & other accessories and cargo requisitioned by State and UT Governments and other postal packets.

The continous delivery of such essentials like medical kits has enabled testing of patients on time across the country. Similarly, delivery and parcel of masks and gloves has enabled doctors to protect themselves and others.

In addition to this, medical supplies delivered to North-East and remote areas ensures that no region of the country is left behind in this fight against Covid-19.

The ministry also announced that hub & spoke lifeline services have been started so that simultaneously, different and far located parts of the country can be catered to and resources are utilised optimally.

With regards to international collaboration, the ministry announced an air bridge between Shanghai and Delhi. “The First cargo flight of Air India on April 5.Air India will be operating dedicated scheduled cargo flights to China for the uplifting of critical medical equipment,” the ministry added.