Environment Ministry to bring all regional offices under one roof

at 6:51 pm

New Delhi (NVI): With a view to achieving outcomes in an improved, timely and effective manner related to the mandates of Environment Ministry, establishment of 19 Integrated Regional Offices (IROs) has been approved by the ministry today.

The IROs will be established though redeployment of human and other resources available with 10 Regional Offices of ROHQ Division, 4 Regional Offices of Forest Survey of India (FSI), 3 Regional Centre of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), 4 Regional Offices of Central Zoo Authority (CZA) and 5 Regional Offices & 3 Sub-regional Offices of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) in an integrated manner, and their further strengthening.

Each regional office will have representation from existing Regional Office/Regional Centre of MoEF&CC as available to them from time to time.

The Integrated Regional Offices will be headed by deputy director general of forest, called as regional officer.

These IROs are mandated to start their functioning from October 1, 2020.