Farooq Abdullah urges Pakistan to stop terrorism in J&K
This isn't way forward, this is way backward

at 1:50 pm

Jammu, July 09 (NVI):- Former CM and the president of the National Conference, Dr Farooq Abdullah has urged Pakistan to cease its support for terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir in light of the recent Kathua attack.

He emphasized that such incidents won’t lead Pakistan to anywhere and they are already on a condition of collapse and are being rejected by all.

He said that they are in favour of bilateral talks and friendship between two countries but that isn’t possible under these conditions.

Abdullah condemned the attack, which resulted in the deaths of several soldiers, and reiterated that such violence underscores the persistent threat of terrorism in the area.

He also pointed out the importance of addressing the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, suggesting that both countries need to overcome their stubbornness and engage in talks to end the bloodshed but before that Pakistan must Stop terrorism.

He said that such incidents aren’t way forward but they are way backward and Pakistan must understand that they can’t achieve anything through these acts.(News Vibes of India)