FOReT luxury brand announces launch of Fall/Winter collection

at 8:33 pm

New Delhi: Luxury fashion brand FOReT, known for sustainable accessories, has announced launch of Fall/Winter collection.

FOReT’s world of sustainable accessories, which blurs the lines between menswear and womenswear in the form of gender-free jewellery, now has new gender-fluid collection.

Their versatile pieces in natural Cork are designed for the minimalistic and conscious global citizen.

It is an award-winning, PETA-approved brand with a passion to create fashion that embodies the essence of Nature, the company said.

Their products are lovingly crafted keeping the ethos of Forêt alive – Simple and Diverse, Natural and yet Sophisticated, made for the world and inspired by this beautiful world around us

The collection is a unique representation of a plethora of sophisticated compositions handcrafted using sustainable materials like stainless steel, earth-friendly metal alloys, and Porcelain ceramic stones.

The highlights of the brand are eco-friendly fashion products approved by PETA, handmade luxury from nature – durable and water resistant and endorsing sustainable philosophies at every stage of production.

A portion from every purchase helps forests in rural parts of Maharashtra.