France imposes 3rd nationwide lockdown amid rising Covid-19 cases

at 12:12 pm
nationwide lockdown

New Delhi (NVI): President Emmanuel Macron has announced that a ‘limited lockdown’ will be imposed across France to curb the spread of coronavirus disease.

French schools will close as part of new national restrictions to fight rising Covid cases, he said.

In his televised address, Macron described the situation in the country as delicate and said that April would prove crucial.

“We will lose control if we do not move now,” he said.

His announcement means that movement restrictions already in place for more than a week in Paris, and some northern and southern regions, will now apply to the whole country for at least a month, from Saturday (April 3).

All non-essential shops are to close from Saturday and there will be a ban on travelling more than 10km (six miles) from home without good reason.

France’s nationwide 7pm curfew will remain in place and people are again being asked to work from home.

“From Saturday evening and for a period of four weeks, travel will be limited everywhere in France to a radius of 10 km from home for daily outings,” Macron said.

During curfew hours from 7pm to 6am, or for trips exceeding 10 kilometres, a certificate will be required,” he said in his televised address to the nation.

The country is facing a peak of over 5,000 people in intensive care.

On Wednesday, the country’s health ministry reported 59,038 new cases. France has so far reported more than 4.6 million cases of coronavirus and 95,495 Covid-related deaths.