Govt gives away prestigious National Entrepreneurship Awards

at 5:44 pm

New Delhi (NVI): Government gave away the prestigious National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 to Enterprises and Ecosystem builders under 36 categories here today.

The fourth edition of the award ceremony was organized to mark the completion of five years of setting up of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in 2014. The awards aim to recognise and honour the outstanding young First-Generation Entrepreneurs, and Ecosystem builders for their outstanding contribution in entrepreneurship development and providing support to the entrepreneurs.

The awardees in the A1 category included Nitin Gupta, founder of Sickle Innovations Private Limited in the area of Agriculture, Rida Gatphoh, founder and Peter Marbaniang, Co-Founder of Dakti Craft in the area of Handicrafts, Jeet Singh Arya, founder of Unexplored Bastar in the area of Hospitality and Shalini Santhosh Kumar, founder of Early Foods Private Limited in the area of Women.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey said that the awardees reflect the new and emerging India, which is confident and moving ahead.

He said that it is heartening to note that people from different parts of the country have participated in the competition and won the awards, according to an official statement.

Secretary Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dr K.P. Krishnan said that within four years, the number of complete applications for the awards has gone up by 10-fold, showing increasing spirit of entrepreneurship among the people of India.

He said that these awards are different from those being given by the private sector, as they recognize the people rooted in real India, who have come up through struggle and hardwork.

Following is the list of the winners:


Sl. No Award


Name Of Applicant (Organisation Or Individual, As The Case May Be) Entrepreneur’s And Co-Founder’s

Name & Address

1 Agriculture Sickle Innovations Private Limited Mr. Nitin Gupta(Founder)
2 Handicrafts Dakti Craft Ms.RidaGatphoh (Founder)

Mr. Peter Marbaniang (Co-Founder)


3 Hospitality Unexplored Bastar Mr. Jeet Singh Arya (Founder)


4 Renewables M/S.Aspartica Biotech Pvt. Ltd Mr. SRINIVAS B V (Founder)

Mr. Sujeet Kumar Ghosh (Co-Founder)


5 Retail Inventindia Innovations Pvt. Ltd Ms.JyotiSudhir (Founder)


6 Textiles Sura Ms. Shivaranjani R (Founder)

Ms. Nisha Subramaniam (Co-Founder)


7 Women Early Foods Private Limited Ms. Shalini Santhosh Kumar (Founder)


8 SC/ ST Kranti Jyoti Swayam SahayataMahilaBachat Gat Ms. DipaChoure (Founder)

Mr. Prasant Choure(Co-Founder)

9 Pwd Sabariguru Repair Service Mr. K SAKTHIVEL (Founder)


10 Difficult Areas Shillong Bamboo Ms. BandabiangDewkhaid (Founder)
11 Agriculture Green Biotech Solutions Ms.GeetashoriYumnam (Founder)
12 Chemicals Innocule Materials And Additives Pvt Ltd Shri GyanaRanjan Das (Founder)

Ms.Surbhi Sarna(Co-Founder)


13 Engineering Systems Planys Technologies Pvt. Ltd Shri TanujJhunjhunwala (Founder)

Vineet Upadhyay(Co-Founder)

Rakesh Sirikonda(Co-Founder)

Dr. Prabhu Rajagopal(Co-Founder)

Dr. Krishnan Balasubramanian (Co-Founder)

14 Handicrafts Devrai Art Village Ms. Mandakini Mathur(Founder)

Mr. Suresh Pungati (Co-Founder)

Mr. Atul Mathur(Co-Founder)

15 Healthcare Sirona Hygiene Shri Deep Bajaj(Founder)

Shri.Mohit Bajaj(Co-Founder)

16 Hospitality Lets Campout camp ground Pvt. Ltd Shri ABHIJEET MHATRE (Founder)

Ms.Mangala Mhatre(Co-Founder)


17 Renewables Neo Systek- Eco 360 Shri GoutamSurana (Founder)
18 Textiles Global Enterprises Shri Balwant D Dhage (Founder)
19 Women JS Enterprises Ms. Thokchom Reena Luwang (Founder)
20 SC/ST Tribal Mantra India Private Limited Shri. Suresh Naik Ramavath (Founder)

Ms. Leelawati (Co-Founder)

21 Pwd StreeSwabhiman Sanitary Napkins Manufacturing Unit  

Shri Ravindra BhausahebSupekar (Founder)


22 Difficult Areas A N Spice Industries Ms. Alemoon Nessa (Founder)


23 Agriculture Future Bio Tech Shri Manjunath R (Founder & CEO )

Mr. C B Karimani (Co Founder)

24 Engineering Systems Velmenni Research And Development Private Limited Shri  Deepak Solanki (Founder)
25 Healthcare Clensta International Pvt .Ltd Shri Puneet Guptha (Founder)
26 Hospitality Scoutmytrip Private Limited Shri Vineet Rajan(Founder)

Shri Deepak Ananth(CEO)

27 Logistics TatkalorryPvt. Ltd Ms. Nikita Maheshwari (Founder)

Mr.AmbrishParariya(Co Founder)

Mr.Vinod Patel(Co Founder)

Mr.KalpeshAndaratpa(Co Founder)

Mr.Ravi Patel(Co Founder)

Mr. Shikhar Maheshwari (Co Founder)

28 Renewables Bollant Industries Private Limited Shri SrikanthBolla (Founder)
29 Difficult Areas C K Lac Processing Industry Shri MahendraPardhi (Founder)


30 Difficult Areas TokaMulti Purpose Cooperative Society Shri KashishoChishi (President)

J. HitokaChishi (Joint Secretary)

Eco System Builder Awards
31 B1 Entrepreneurship Development Institutes/Organizations Entrepreneurship Development And Innovation Institute Ms. RV Shajeevana
32 B2 Incubation Centres Public Sector Entrepreneurship Development Center Ms. Soma Chattopadhyay


33 B3 Incubation Centres Private Sector Agribusiness Incubator Of Icrisat Dr Kiran K Sharma


34 B4 Mentors Public Sector Dr SubhraSaikat Roy Icar Research Complex For Neh Region
35 B5 Mentors Private Sector SreedeviDevi Reddy SR Innovation Exchange


36 B6 Promoters Of Rural Producer Enterprises Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India Shri Vivek Singh