Harvest Moon of 2020 to rise in the night sky

New Delhi (NVI): The Harvest Moon is all set to be brilliant and the brightest in all its glory, embellishing the night-sky with its vibrant shine across the horizon tonight.

The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time.

Harvest Moon is typically a full moon, which take places in the month of late September or early October.

Reportedly, this full moon, at this time of the year remains so dazzling and glaring that it shines late till the night which in earlier times used to help farmers to harvest their summer agricultural produce beyond midnight. Hence, this gorgeous full moon came to be known as ‘Harvest Moon’.

In fact, this will be the closest full moon for the entire northern hemisphere as the Harvest Moon will come nearest to the autumnal equinox during these days.

It is also estimated that the glittering phenomenon of the Harvest moon is going to take place 17 times from 1970 to 2050.

In addition, astronomers predict that, on average, this full moon occurs once in 3 years but may vary up to 8 years. That’s why the next Harvest Moon will rise only in the year 2028.

Interestingly, a day after Harvest Moon, a bewildering and fiery red object can be observed towards the upper-left direction of the Moon which is touted to be Mars as it will make yet another closest approach to the Earth.

Last year, the Harvest Moon occurred in September, while for the Southern Hemisphere it appears usually in the month of late March or early April.

The second full moon for this month will glow on 31st October and is famously said as ‘Blue Moon’.