How to prepare for Beauty Pageants: Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2017 shares Tips

at 6:06 pm
Preeti Upreti
By Dwijendra Kumar
Beauty Pageants open doors not only for good modelling assignments but also lands roles in Television and Film world. Zeenat Aman, Preity Zinta, Meenakshi Seshadri, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta etc had won a beauty contest first and then became leading actresses.
Mrs Asia Pacific  Queen of Substance 2017  Singapore, Preeti Upreti who has recently featured on  the cover  of an International Magazine shares TIPS THAT WOULD HELP YOU STAND OUT IN A PAGEANT!
1) What are various rounds in a beauty pageant preceding the finals wherein one is adjudged winner? Tell us about the same based on your experiences?
Ans. After being selected as one of the finalists in auditions, we had to undergo trainings in makeup, catwalk,
beauty & health, fitness, baking, outdoor super car (Rolls Royce), wedding photoshoot etc.We did have rehearsals for our Final round too. Further, we had a bonding overseas trip to Turi Beach, Batam, Indonesia for two days and appeared in  several photoshoots on themes such as bridalwear, swimwear etc. We all needed to create our own looks and styles accordingly. I remember those shoots  which were  back-to-back and we got very little time to change our dresses. It was one of the toughest parts of the pageant and the weather had been extremely hot . We also went to an orphanage and took with us few gifts  for the kids  and  spent quality time with them.
In days to come, we  addressed press conference and walked the ramp  with Mrs Worldwide 2017 delegates from all over the world. We shared the same stage with them at the time of  Grand Finals too.
Then we had to appear in a Prejudging and  Semi final round ahead of  the Grand Finals wherein  we had to introduce ourselves, catwalk in gown and appear in question- answer sessions.
At last, we had Grand Finals and had to cross through various sessions including Introduction, Opening Dance, Talent Round and Catwalk in Evening Gown.
2).What to keep in mind while preparing for a Pageant?
Ans:  HARD WORK: First and most important thing you need to keep in mind is be prepared to work hard  and give your best in all respects.
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: You must have “I can do this “attitude. You are there to win and not to have fun. This attitude would definitely help you to win any contest.
AREAS TO WORK: Most important areas you need to work on are:
Eye Contact
3) Share your experiences while competing for the Pageant Title?
Ans. Things I seriously worked on and which has helped me a lot during my journey are as under:
Balancing on High Heels
Practice talking louder when introducing myself
Eye Contact with judges
4) What is the role of staying fit in preparing oneself for such contests?
Ans:  To be fit & healthy is always important in pageants.
I start my day with a glass full of warm water mixed with lemon. Spend at least 2 to 3 hrs. a day on physical training or workouts, followed by having at least 3 to 4 litre of water depending on workouts. Add protein to your diet if want to tone up body. One should aim for having 3 meals a day. Avoid fried and junk foods which would not only put on weight but may also lead to acne and health complications. Add more fruits & vegetables to your diet which should be filled with antioxidants. Such a diet would definitely help to keep your hair & skin naturally healthy, shiny & glowing.
5) What kind of clothes to wear and looks to flaunt to attract attention?
Ans:  As is said, first impression is the Last impression. When one is entering a glamorous world, she must work on her wardrobe and looks as well. Always choose your wardrobe according to your body shape & which suits you best. And find complementary accessories for these. There will be theme-based photoshoots, so you need to prepare yourself accordingly. Be prepared with your Dresses, Makeups & Accessories in advance. Always maintain a good profile by looking professional, fashionable and stylish.
5) Any other tips?
Ans: Fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will notice amazing changes taking place around you. A positive mind would help you to stay focused and as a result, you can come up with the right decision in a challenging situation. Following above tips would not only help perform well in Pageants and Contests but also during  lifetime.