India-Kyrgyzstan Joint Special Forces Excercise Ends

at 6:15 pm

New Delhi: Ninth  Edition of the India-Kyrgyzstan Joint Special Forces Exercise which commenced on 25 Mar 2022 at Special Forces Training School, Bakloh (HP) culminated today.

Over the past two weeks, Special Forces contingents from India and Kyrgyzstan shared their expertise and best practices of tactics, techniques and procedures to counter existing and emergent threats across the entire spectrum of conflict.

Combat shooting, sniping, survival in mountains, hostage rescue drills and unarmed combat were practiced extensively during the Exercise, official release said.

Besides sharing special skills and techniques between participating Special Forces contingents,  joint training further strengthened the existing bond between India and Kyrgyzstan that has fostered over years of mutual respect for strategic autonomy, democratic values and zero tolerance for terrorism.