India plans to up its renewable energy capacity beyond 175 GW

at 1:13 pm
Dr. Harsh Vardhan at the MI Face to Face meeting of Innovation Challenges.

New Delhi (NVI): India has embarked on a plan to increase its renewable energy capacity to much beyond 175 GW by 2022 as part of its drive to meet climate change challenge while at the same time working to considerably increase the proportion of biofuel blend in petrol and diesel.

“Renewable resources are now critical both from environment and energy security point of view…we are going to increase the share of non-fossil fuel, and by 2022 we plan to increase our renewable capacity energy to much beyond 175 GW and later till 450 GW,” Union Minister of Science & Technology, Earth Sciences, Health and Family Welfare Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said.

While inaugurating the Mission Innovation (MI) Face to Face meeting of Innovation Challenges(IC) here on November 4, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that Innovative solutions to provide clean energy with limited resources requires application of scientific understanding and ‘out of box’ solutions which can emanate from vast cross section of society.

The Mission Innovation is an Indian initiative launched by 20 countries during COP 21 in November, 2015. MI currently comprises 24 countries and the European Commission.

Dr Vardhan said that these MI countries have committed to double Government funding on clean energy research and development over 5 years and enhance international engagement in programmes on clean energy R&D.

The Minister said India has taken concerted efforts to address climate change challenge by promoting and disseminating clean energy R&D and deployment activities.

He said that many countries have shown interest to emulate India’s remarkable successful journey in last few years in solar energy.

On the occasion, the Minister also released a report on sustainable biofuels and bio-energy. He also awarded 5 Innovators as Mission Innovation India Champions for their exemplary contribution to energy related innovations.