SC slams Centre, state govts for hazardous levels of air pollution

at 12:23 pm
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New Delhi (NVI): Slamming the Centre and respective state governments for hazardous levels of air pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Supreme Court today said “no room is safe to live in this city, even in homes…We are losing precious years of our lives due to pollution”.

“Can we survive in this atmosphere? This is not the way we can survive,” the court said adding that the authorities have left the people to die, All India Radio reported.

“State governments are busy in electioneering and not showing responsibility in connection with increasing air pollution in their states and neighbouring states….Delhi is choking every year,” the apex court bench said.

According to reports, questioning the Centre and Delhi government about their strategy to cut down air pollution, the court said, “We need an expert in the courtroom. This is a very serious situation.”

The court also asked for a remedy to counter stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. “You are asking people to die? Is this what the administration in Punjab and Haryana want?… Crop burning is a serious issue, and now, we need a remedy to stop it.”

The court also emphasized long-term planning to counter the menace of air pollution.

The court said, “People have been advised not to visit Delhi. What is this happening?”

The court expressed its anguish that state machinery has failed to respond to this emergency. “Centre and Delhi should act together and not blame each other,” added the court.