Innocent youth shot dead by Pak police in Islamabad

at 10:28 am
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New Delhi (NVI): A 22-year-old student was killed as he was shot at 22 times by Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) personnel in the G-10 area of ​​Pakistani capital Islamabad yesterday, just for not stopping for checking, local media reports said.

The deceased, identified as Osama Satti, was coming after dropping his friend in the area of ​​Shams Colony, reports The Express Tribune.

According to the news website, Farrukh Satti, cousin of the slain, said that ATS personnel were on patrol in the area and had asked Osama to pull over. However, when he did not stop, they indiscriminately opened fire on him.

The police tried to stop Osama’s vehicle which reportedly had tinted windows and opened fire when he did not stop, said the police spokesperson. When the vehicle didn’t stop till G-10, they fired at it, resulting in Osama’s death.

Five policemen have been arrested in the case and an investigation has been launched.

President, All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran, Ajmal Baloch told the news website that Osama was a resident of Sector G-13 and a student whose father is a businessman. He added that the 22-year-old was not a terrorist, and the policemen just fired at him indiscriminately on mere suspicion, which is the worst example of policing. Ajmal Baloch has demanded that the case be investigated by a high court judge.

The youth was shot 22 times from the front, six of which hit Osama and the rest hit the vehicle, as per the news report. DSP Khalid Awan told Express News that the student was innocent.