This Kashmiri woman is changing lives in Valley through counselling

Abid Bashir

Srinagar (NVI): After passing her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Dubai in 2019, Hizib Zargar got many lucrative job offers in the happening UAE city but she changed her mind to serve the people of her native place—Kashmir.

Last year, she returned to Kashmir and started counselling young people who later got jobs in well-reputed companies across the country and abroad too.

Zargar (30), a resident of Srinagar, has been counselling young talented boys and girls from the district since the past over a year so that they get opportunities within the country as well as abroad to earn a better living.

She has provided counselling regarding personal development, communication, instilling confidence and grooming sessions to many in the Valley who have scaled heights in their respective fields.

“After completing my MBA, I got an opportunity to work with government and semi-government companies in Dubai. But later, I changed my mind and decided to work for my own people back home in Kashmir,” she told NVI, adding that helping “own people always satisfied her.”

She was also suggested by her friends to appear for Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) exam. “I joined coaching but found a lot of talented people, most of whom were shy and lacked better communication skills”, she said.

Hizib started her career as an operation head in a Satellite production company and used to counsel people at the company in Dubai. “When I started working for Satellite production I found that I can counsel people. I quit my Dubai job and started counselling my close friends in Srinagar, later people started coming to me in large numbers,” she said.

Sharing her success stories, Hizib said that she has counselled some famous people in the Valley like magician Raja Adam, actor Adil Pala, singer Junaid Ahmad, anchor Junaid Hanief among many others in Kashmir.

“I was very shy when I met Hizib. But she counseled me in a way that I started facing people bravely and today my talent is on display and people know me as a star magician,” said Raja Adam, a known magician from Kashmir.

Hizib started her own company in Srinagar where she trains and counsels people at many levels. “But due to Covid, I have confined my counselling sessions to online Zoom classes and other social platforms only,” she said.

“My focus is on personality building, I train people and work on their personality till they are groomed completely. My message to the people of Kashmir is not to forget our own culture, we can adapt the western culture but we should give preference to our own culture,” she added.

Hizib appeals to the youth in the Valley to focus on productive things rather than wasting time on social media.

“Mostly, the youth of Kashmir valley are addicted to social media and they should focus on utilizing the time in the best way. They should stay away from drugs and value their lives”, she said.

“Kashmir is full of talent and I am trying to explore the same by putting end to the shyness among the young lot after infusing them with a new wave of confidence so that they face the world bravely,” she told NVI.