Luxury brand Cin cin launches new collection

at 7:51 pm
New Delhi: India’s homegrown bohemian-luxe label Cin cin has launched its Fall/Winter 2021 collection.
The brand derives inspiration from the Aesthetic Movement of the 19th Century which led to the bohemian lifestyle, featuring ensembles that are comfortable and soft, and technicolor smorgasbord of psychedelic prints.
Cin Cin’s signature designs are born out of imaginative creativity and yearns for individual freedom and dreams of Utopian ideals. It combines contemporary fashion with traditional craftsmanship.
Their Fall 2021 collection – GulBaag — includes flowy dresses and floaty silhouettes.
The collection highlights the sense of freedom – in style and movement, through boho prints, layering and color fusion and along with easy-breezy silhouettes with fringes, floral and nomadic prints.
The collection highlights include 80’s REDUX, ethnic touches with floral and nomadic motifs – “Craftcore” and emphasis on freedom of style and movement via flowy silhouettes of dresses, kurtis and kaftans.


Transitional Fashion embracing Maximalism and silhouettes designed to flatter the female form are also part of the collection.

The brand plays between the tension of tradition and modernity yielding some unlikely but gratifying dividends

This collection features the brand’s familiar floaty dresses and paisley motifs appealing to a younger faster mood.