Modi proposes maiden meet of BRICS water ministers in India

at 12:19 pm

New Delhi  (NVI): Stating that sustainable water management and sanitation are important challenges in urban areas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed to hold a maiden meeting of BRICS water ministers in India.

Addressing the Plenary session of XI BRICS Summit in Brazil yesterday, Modi said, “With the mutual recognition of visas, social security agreement and qualifications, we will give people of the five countries a more conducive environment for mutual travel and work.” 

Citing “Economic growth for an innovative future” summit theme as appropriate, Modi said, “Innovation has become the basis of our development, adding that, “It is necessary for strengthening the cooperation under BRICS for innovation.”

PM Modi

“Now we have to consider the direction of BRICS, and mutual cooperation should be more effective in the next ten years, Modi said highlighting, “Despite success in many areas, there is considerable scope to increase efforts in some areas.”

He called for paying special attention to mutual trade and investment, as Intra-BRICS trade accounts for just 15% of world trade, while the combined population is more than 40% of the world’s population.

Recalling about the recent ‘Fit India Movement’ started in India, he said that he wanted to increase contacts and exchanges between the BRICS in the field of fitness and health.