Nearly 100% increase in COVID recoveries

    New Delhi (NVI): The Ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) today said India had witnessed close to 100% increase in novel coronavirus (Covid-19) recoveries in the past month.

    The ministry further said that more than 82 per cent of India’s coronavirus patients had recovered from the disease and were discharged.

    “India has witnessed close to 100 per cent increase in recoveries in the past month. More than 82 per cent of total cases (exceeding 50 lakhs) recovered and discharged. Active cases (lower than ten lakhs) a small proportion (less than 1/5th) of total cases,” the ministry said.

    According to the health ministry’s dashboard, India’s Covid-19 count currently stands at 6,074,702, only behind that of the United States and ahead of Brazil. However, of these, 5,016,520 are recovered cases, giving India a recovery rate of 83 per cent.

    India’s recovered cases are also the highest in the world, contributing more than 20 per cent of total global recoveries. Globally, more than 24 million have recovered from the disease, in a caseload of over 33 million, as per worldometers.

    Meanwhile, India’s active cases and deaths, meanwhile, contribute 15.85% and 1.57% respectively to its total number of Covid-19 cases. While the number of active cases is 962,640, the death toll stands at 95,542.