No need to pay heed to rumors, restrict sale of poultry: Giriraj Singh on bird flu

at 7:44 pm
Giriraj Singh

New Delhi (NVI): With bird flu cases reported from at least 10 states across the country, Union Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh today urged people not to pay heed to rumors while suggesting shopkeepers and sellers not to shut mandis or restrict the sale of poultry products.

The Minister said that there is no need to panic as no scientific reports on the transmission of bird flu to humans have surfaced.

States, including Delhi, should not shut mandis or restrict sale of poultry products, Singh said.

He also said that consumers should not be scared as there is no risk to humans if the animal or poultry products are cooked properly before consuming.

The Minister urged people to not pay heed to rumors about bird flu. “There is a need for precautionary steps which states are taking. States administrations are taking steps to close shops if needed,” he said.

He emphasised that bird flu cannot infect humans from properly cooked chicken meals and boiled eggs.