Nova’s range of eyewear

at 8:45 pm
Nova Sunglasses

New Delhi: Nova Eyewear, a global vision care brand under Vision RX Lab, is offering a wide range of classy, comfortable and safe eyewear in Sunglasses and Eyeglasses segments.

In the Sunglasses segment, the brand offers stylish options for visual clarity, comfort and protection with a plethora of innovative eyewear solutions with advanced lenses in trendy frames.

The new range of UV protective Nova Sunglasses from the global brand comes in slim-fit designs with the benefits of corrective lens and complete outdoor protection for optimal precision, comfort and style – a perfect accessory for your partner for every brunch date.

Thus these top-of-the-line sunglasses with its functional and fashionable features would be a great choice for setting dynamic couple fashion goals for staying stylish yet protected under the sun.

In the segment of Eyeglasses, the brand offers a new range of Nova Blumax eyeglasses powered with advanced blue-light filtering.

While protecting vision, these glasses are available in lightweight, sleek and stylish frames.

These eyeglasses with cutting-edge lens technology complement one’s look in every occasion whilst keeping them covered from any harmful junk light from digital screens.