Pakistan Army outposts attacked at 2 places in Balochistan: BLA

at 12:31 am
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Quetta: Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) tonight said its fighters attacked 2 different outposts of occupying Pakistani Army in Turbat in Balochistan, causing heavy losses to the forces.

Frustrated by the attacks on Saturday night, the occupying forces raided the houses in the vicinity and beat up the unarmed (Baloch) civilians, BLA spokesman said.

“BLA fighters attacked a check post of the occupying army with a hand grenade bomb, near Old Floor Mill in Josek area,” said the spokesman Jeeyand Baloch.

“Occupying forces suffered casualties and financial losses in the attack,” he said.

The second attack was carried out on D-Baloch Road, at Kech Kaor in Turbat.

BLA fighters hurled a hand grenade at Pakistan Army personnel when they were standing outside of their post, the spokesman said.

“The blast resulted in injuries to two enemy personnel,” he said.

He said that a few days back, after successful attacks of the Baloch fighters, the coward enemy personnel had indiscriminately opened fire at innocent civilians in Turbat city,

“The Baloch Liberation Army vows to continue attacking the occupying forces until the independence is achieved,” the spokesman said.