Pakistan using chemical weapons against Baloch, claims freedom group BNA

at 7:33 pm
Remains of a drone used by Pakistani forces against Baloch freedom fighters. Picture shared by BNA

Quetta: Unable to face the brave Baloch freedom fighters in direct fight, Pakistani forces are using China-provided drones and chemical weapons against them, in clear violation of all conventions and human rights.

This claim has been made by the Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA), which is one of the groups fighting for liberation of Balochistan from Pakistani occupation.

The BNA has claimed that the Pakistani forces “used drones and chemical weapons on our party camps in 3 different attacks”.

The BNA claims that these weapons have been provided to Pakistan by China.

The BNA media cell has shared pictures of the remains of the drones used.

The claim comes after a drone attack by the Pakistani forces on a BNA camp in Hoshap region in which the group lost 7 fighters.

“Seven Sarmachaars including Hasil Baloch, the camp commander of the organization, were martyred in the enemy’s drone #attack. The sophisticated weapons of the enemy cannot weaken our high spirits at all. Martyrdoms are source of pride for us,” the BNA tweeted.

The Pakistani establishment have started resorting to use of such weapons as it has been unnerved by a series of catastrophic attacks by the Baloch fighters in the recent months.

Pakistan is also seeking the help of China in countering the brave Baloch people.