Pakistani military, civilian leaders engaged in rights violations in Balochistan: Activist

at 7:36 pm
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Column by Kachkol Ali
In Baluchistan, the (Pakistani) State agencies are perpetrating crimes against humanity.
According to new norms and doctrine, leaders of a State normally have bounded duty to uphold the rule of law and to respect human rights.
But, we observe that the military and civilian leaders of Pakistan are engaged in a campaign as a policy and plan of violent attacks against Baluch civilian population.
It is the responsibility of community states to intervene and prevent, control and repress this threat which is prevailing across Baluchistan.
Rather, this is a threat to the peace, security and well being of the region.
It is pertinent to express here that there is interest of China which is grabbing the resources of Baluchistan and is being facilitated by federal (Pakistani) government in a colonial approach.
The indigenous Baluch people are resisting to protect their lands and resources.
Both the deep states are committing the unimaginable international substantive crimes and  atrocities as such genocide, ethnic cleansing and crime against humanity, which are in fact, clear gross violation of para 138 and 139 of world summit outcome Documents 2005, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
But regrettably, the natural and inherent rights of Baluch are being infringed upon and the world community, especially the UNO and civilised countries, are intentionally ignoring and deviating from their entrusted responsibility. Their behaviour is questionable in the eye of new norms of international humanitarian law.
The United Nations is the guardian of all nations and custodian of international treaties, instruments and declarations.
Baluch ask the UN and China that during the drafting of 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the representative of China  propose that the status of indigenous must be  recognised as such as state  by the  states in which they reside.
It is the irony that the proposal of China was accepted and is enshrined in Para 37 of the Report of the working Group Established in accordance with Commission on Human Rights Resolution 1995.
But the tragedy is that China is seriously violating and raping its own baby, namely Declaration, under the very nose of United Nations, the guardian of the Declaration in the context of CPEC in Gwadar.
The story of human rights casualties is long. Willful killings, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions are the order of the day across Baluchistan.
Justice is dead! Long live the law! Therefore Shakespeare in ‘Hamlet’ says that “One may only weep for justice and plead: ‘No place, indeed should murder sanctuaries’.
But we Baluch has no other option. We request to the prosecutor of International Criminal Court and pursuant to Article 15 of the Rome Statute on the authorisation of an investigation into the situation in the Baluchistan.
(Disclaimer: Kachkol Ali is a prominent Baloch human rights activist. The views expressed in this Column are entirely his).