SKICC celebrates New Year on banks of Dal Lake

at 11:49 pm
SKICC celebrates New Year on banks of Dal Lake

Srinagar (NVI): Hundreds of people gathered on the banks of Dal Lake yesterday, on the eve of the New Year, where Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) organized an event that witnessed a laser beam show along with a music performance that enthralled the audience.

The spectacular event was organized in the back lawns on the banks of famous Dal Lake as the melodies of singer Abid Ali broke the freeze of -7 degrees chill and warmed the atmosphere in the backdrop of hi-tech dancing laser beams of the laser fountain which has its exclusivity to pull the crowds.

The laser show turned the whole atmosphere colourful and festive. Humayun Javed Bakhshi, the Director of SKICC was excited about successfully organising the event and said it was teamwork of the whole SKICC family.

Marketing Manager, Shahnawaz A Shah said that it was an achievement for SKICC during the pandemic.

The employees of SKICC and hundreds of participants who gathered for the new year show enjoyed the chill and thrill of music, laser show greeted each other with New Year wishes at 12 o’clock.