Targeting of Hindus in Sindh continues

at 9:23 pm
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New Delhi: Hindus and other minorities continue to be the victims of extreme atrocities, including killings, in Sindh under Pakistani occupation, according to a leader spearheading the movement for freedom of the region.

January 2022 was the “deadliest month for Hindus of Occupied Sindh & for other minorities living in theocratic Pakistan,” says Zafar Sahito, Founder & Central Chief organizer of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM).

Elaborating, he says 2 villages of Hindus in Sindh were destroyed, 4 Sindhi Hindus were killed while 7 hanged themselves under coercion by the Pakistani state authorities and the majority Muslim community.
There were also 8 cases of forced conversions and 3 temples were vandalized, he said in a statement
According to Sahito, the last year saw 99 Sindhi Hindus being killed and 78 forced to convert to Islam.
Also, 7 temples were vandalized in the year 2021 while 10 cases of blasphemy were filed against the Hindus.
In January this year, the number of Blasphemy cases filed against Hindus was four.
Giving details, Sahito said that yesterday, a Sindhi Hindu businessman Satan Lal was shot dead during opening ceremony of a cotton mill.
A similar incident occurred a few days ago when another Hindu, identified as Pawan Lal, was shot dead.
“Every second day, a minor Sindhi Hindu girl is abducted, forcibly converted & married to some old-aged Muslim cleric,” the JSFM leader said.
He added that due to the extreme atrocities, around 10,000 Sindhi Hindus are forced to migrate every year.
“Why are Pakistan & its terrorist Islamist proxies carrying out these atrocities against Sindhi Hindus? Because they want to change demographics of occupied Sindh & bring outsiders to Sindh,” Sahito said.
This is also being done because of hate against Hindus and India, he said.
“This is systematic cleansing, Genocide,” he added.