TN allows 100% occupancy in theatres

    at 3:20 pm

    New Delhi (NVI): Tamil Nadu government has permitted to increase the seating capacity of cinemas, theatres, multiplexes to 100 per cent from existing 50 per cent following COVID-19 protocols.

    “The seating capacity of Cinemas/theatres/Multiplexes shall be permitted to increase from existing 50% to 100% by following the Standard Operating Procedure issued already,” the order issued by government states.

    “Further, in order to create awareness among the spectators, the precautionary measures for Covid 19 shall also be screened during the showtime,” the order added.

    COVID-19 safety regulations, which are followed in theatres, like compulsory masks, frequent sanitization and social distancing, will need to be followed.

    As per the COVID-19 safety protocol, since last October, the theatres in the state were allowed to fill up only 50 per cent of their seats to ensure social distancing.