To prove Supremacy of Security forces over Terrorists in J&K, Elections must be held in time : Omar Abdullah
Says 'If situation is worse than1996, then don't conduct elections'

at 1:50 pm
File Photo: Omar Abdullah,Vice president JK National Conference

NVI Correspondent Nasir Khan

Srinagar, July 11 (NVI):- Former Chief minister and vice President National Conference, Omar Abdullah on Thursday said that if the government believes that there is supremacy of the security forces over the terrorists then they must conduct elections on time.

Speaking to reporters News Vibes of India—(NVI) in Srinagar, Omar Abdullah said that if the situation is worse than 1996 then they shouldn’t conduct elections.

He said that if the government wants to bow down before terrorists then don’t conduct the elections and if you don’t want to conduct elections then in other words you want to prove the supremacy of terrorists.

He asked the government that if they have the courage and are not afraid, then they must conduct elections in time.

He said that Pakistan India haven’t played any bilateral series and if they don’t want to play in upcoming tournament, it is the BCCI’s own decision.

He added that there is responsibility on both countries to improve the relations and Pakistan must play their role.

He added that there was a grave injustice with the future of youth and action must be taken against the involved persons.

He said that his party would bring a package for women in its manifesto in the upcoming elections. (News Vibes of India)