Without helmet, No fuel to two-wheeler riders in Kupwara,J&K : DM
District Magistrate Ayushi Sudan issued an order, citing a significant increase in road accidents

at 3:15 pm

NVI Correspondent

Srinagar, July 11 (NVI):-: The District Administration in Kupwara on Thursday ordered a ban on the sale of fuel to two-wheelers without helmets, citing the rising number of road accidents.

District Magistrate Ayushi Sudan issued an order, citing a significant increase in road traffic accidents involving two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets, leading to loss of life and injury.

“Whereas, given the surge in road traffic accidents involving two wheeler riders who fail to wear helmets, resulting in fatalities and injuries, and recognizing that the primary cause of severe injury in such incidents is non-wearing of helmets; whereas, the District Administration has duly acknowledged these concerns and has promptly implemented measures to address this pressing issue, complementing the efforts of the Police and Transport Department in enforcing traffic regulations,” reads the order a copy of which lies with News Vibes of India—(NVI)

“Whereas, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 prohibits the operation of two wheelers without helmets as a serious traffic offense; Whereas, the petrol pump owners have been repeatedly reminded not to dispense fuel to bikers without helmets; Whereas, it is imperative to implement strict measures ensuring the use of helmets by two-wheeler riders, aiming to reduce infringements of the Motor Vehicle Act and safeguard precious lives,” it reads.

“Now, therefore, in the exercise of powers conferred upon me by section 163 of Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023, I, Ayushi Sudan, IAS, District Magistrate, Kupwara do hereby order and require the following actions to be taken by the concerned with immediate effect in the interest of public safety and security No Petrol Pump Station/Filling station in District Kupwara shall sell fuel to any two- wheeler rider without helmet and minors, All Petrol Station owners are required to install CCTV Cameras in their fuel outlets capturing clear footage of customers, Concerned Executive Magistrate I class is authorized to review CCTV footage of the Petrol Stations and report violations to this Office, The Petrol Stations found selling fuel to helmetless riders/minors will be personally held liable and dealt with according to the law.” Reads the order.

“The Tehsildars/AD Food CS & CA Kupwara shall cause the service of this order upon all petrol stations under intimation to this Office, Any violation of this order will be dealt in accordance with section 223 of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita 2023.” It reads further.(News Vibes of India)