Training process for 16th Indian Census begins

at 8:41 am

New Delhi/Greater Noida (NVI): Training the first batch of national trainers for conducting the Census of the country began at the National Statistical System Training Academy (NSSTA), Greater Noida.

The training period which began on October 14 will conclude on 25th of this month.

The 16th Indian Census will be carried in 2021 and training is an important aspect of conducting census successfully by ensuring seamless execution of the census in the field.

Additional Registrar General (RGI), Sanjay inaugurated and interacted the training session. Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, Vivek Joshi would address and interact with the participants during the training period.

At the apex level there will be 100 national trainers. The venues for the training are NSSTA, Greater Noida and ISTM, Delhi.

The national trainers are being trained on both Census and Trainer Development Skills (TDS) to further impart training to the next level, that is, master trainers.

Around 1800 master trainers will be deployed for Census 2021 who will impart training to the field trainers. The training of these master trainers will be held in 20 ATIs across the country between November to December, who will then train the field trainers.

About 44,000 field trainers would be trained to provide training to the field functionaries, that is, the enumerators and supervisors.

The training of these FTs would be held at the district level in January and February next year. They will also further train about 30 lakh enumerators and their supervisors in March-June at the sub-district level. These enumerators and supervisors will do house to house enumeration at designated places.



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