TTP condoles Akhundzada’s death, blamed Pakistani agencies for killing him

at 8:50 am

Peshawar: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) today blamed Pakistani secret agencies for the assassination of Afghanistan’s prominent religious scholar Sheikh Al-Hadith Umarjan Akhundzada as it expressed condolences over his death.

Akhundzada was shot dead by unknown gunmen in a mosque in Quetta in Balochistan yesterday, according to Pakistani officials.

“Very sad news was received that Afghanistan’s zaid and prominent religious scholar, Sheikh Al-Hadith Mohammad Umarjan Akhundzada, teacher of Kandahar’s Jihadi Madrasah, has been martyred by the enemies of Islam in Quetta, Balochistan,” said a statement of TTP.

“It has been an old practice of the Pakistani intelligence agencies to kill big leaders of the Islamic society — Ullema and Grand Muftis — continuously for the pleasure of the Western masters in mysterious ways,” it added.

The statement, issued by TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani, said, “This is not the first incident on the part of secret agencies (of Pakistan). But whenever these people commit an unjust murder, like their Jewish masters, they clean their hands by putting the debris in the accounts of unknown persons.”

He concluded: “Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is an equal participant in this grief with the family and relatives of late Sheikh Al-Hadith.”