VP’s recipe for ‘Fit India’—Traditional food & Yoga

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Vice President
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi (NVI): Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on October 21 mooted traditional Indian food and Yoga for the country’s youth to stay fit, saying lifestyle anomalies are the main reasons of the non-communicable diseases.

“Increasing burden of non-communicable diseases was mainly due to lifestyle changes and younger generation should be made aware of health benefits of traditional Indian food and Yoga,” Naidu said while addressing the students from Delhi Tamil Students Association here.

Vice President

The Vice President urged youths to spread Prime Minister’s Fit India initiative across the Nation by being physically fit and healthy. He further asked students to remain physically fit by taking an active interest in sports.

“We need our own sense of history with Indian perspective and Indian values,” said Naidu and added, “British historians never accepted 1857 as the first war for Independence, and tried to portray it merely as ‘sepoy mutiny’.”

Elaborating further, he said, “Britishers had their own vested interests to exploit India and History became a tool for them to achieve this aim. Our education system should also reflect Indian culture and traditions.”

Highlighting the fact that more than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues, Naidu emphasised the need for cherishing this rich language heritage, stating, “India is a blessed country to have so many living languages and we should be proud of it.”
Vice President“Every child should get basic schooling in his/her mother tongue. This will not only result in better learning outcomes but also go a long way in preservation of our languages,” he added.

Depicting students as the future leaders of the country, He said, “Students should not only excel in their studies, but also remain alive to the issues facing the Nation,” and them not to confine their learning to classrooms only and advised them to spend time outside, especially in the lap of nature.”

Stressing the need to adopt a sustainable path of development, he said, “Nature helps you become a better person, a considerate human being who is sensitive to the smallest creature.”

Vice President

Recalling that once upon a time India was known as Viswa Guru, Naidu said , “India should once again become a Vishwa Guru and the hub of innovation and knowledge. For that, he suggested transformative reforms in education system to prepare students to effectively face the challenges of the 21st century.

He also asked students to keep in mind the mantra of ‘India First’ in their future endeavours.



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