WATCH | Olympian swims with a glass of milk on her head, video goes viral

US Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky

New Delhi (NVI): US Olympic swimmer, Katie Ledecky, recently posted a video showing her swimming the length of a pool while balancing a glass full of chocolate milk on her head without spilling a single drop, leaving netizens awestruck.

Ledecky took up the unique challenge as part of TikTok’s #GotMilkChallenge, a promotional campaign from the Milk Processor Education Program, a dairy industry-funded group.

Katie Ledecky is a 23-year-old swimmer who has won five Olympic gold medals and 15 world championship gold medals.

A video of the stunt has now gone viral with over 3 million views after Katie shared it on Twitter.

She shared the clip with the caption, “Possibly one of the best swims of my career! What can you do without spilling a drop?”

The video starts with her picking a full glass of chocolate milk and keeping it on her head. She then starts swimming and smoothly glides through the entire pool without losing her balance even once. Once she reaches the end, she takes a sip from the glass.

Being amazed at her skill and precision, a user wrote, “I couldn’t stand still in one spot while holding the glass in my hand and not spill it so I feel personally attacked by this.”