We attacked Pakistani military check-posts, killed 5 security men: BNA

at 9:59 pm
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Quetta: Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) tonight claimes responsibility for the twin attacks on Pakistani military check-posts in Balochistan, killing 5 security personnel and injuring several others.

A Pakistani military drone was also shot down by BNA freedom fighters, the outfit’s spokesman Mureed Baloch said in a statement.

“Yesterday, around 5 pm, the Sarmachars of Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) fired rockets at two outposts of the occupying forces guarding the so-called CPEC at Asanak hill road between Hoshab and Balgetar area of Kech,” he said.

Five personnel of the occupying forces were killed and several others injured, he said.

“The Sarmachaars tactically tried to capture the checkpoints by entering the front and damaging the cameras, solar system, and other equipments,” Baloch said.

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Meanwhile, the occupying forces flew drone cameras from the main camp at Sahaki Balgetar and tried to surround the Sarmachars from behind, the BNA spokesman said.

“However, the Sarmachars could successfully shoot down one of the drone cameras and then a long clash started,” he said.

“The combat helicopters arrived to provide assistance and support to the ground forces, but the guerrillas fired rockets and sniper rifles at the helicopters and inflicted partial damages to the air force as well,” Baloch said.

“During the two-and-a-half-hour of the long skirmish, the forces suffered heavy casualties and Sarmachars successfully managed to escape safely,” he said.

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“The Baloch Nationalist Army wants to clarify to the occupying state that we will not remain silent on the forcible abduction of Baloch youth, especially students, and the forces will soon face the consequences of humiliating Baloch mothers and sisters on the streets,” the spokesman said.

“Our operations will continue expeditiously till the complete withdrawal of the occupier from Balochistan and the attainment of an independent Balochistan,” he added.