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After Afghan exit, US to have troop presence for Kabul Airport security

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New Delhi (NVI) Even as it is pulling out its troops from Afghanistan, the US will be stationing a substantial number of its armed forces in Kabul for security of the extremely crucial international airport there and would be establishing military bases somewhere adjacent to Afghanistan, according to reports.

The US and some of its allies are also reportedly devising strategies to secure the Embassies and diplomats of America and some other countries in Afghanistan in view of dangers that may be posed by the Taliban.

These plans are afoot against the backdrop of concerns that the extremist group Taliban may cause harm to the foreign missions and diplomats and try to seize control of the Kabul airport after the American forces leave by September 11.

Seizing of Kabul airport would hamper access to the Afghan capital, which may be needed in case of some emergency.

The US feels that if the Taliban seize control of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, it will have impact not only on its own diplomatic corps but also on the diplomatic missions of other nations.

Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin “recognizes the key hub that is the airport there in Kabul and the impact that will have not just (on) the United States but other nations in terms of their decisions about their own diplomatic presence,” the spokesperson of US Defence Department has said.

According to a report in British newspaper ‘The Sun’, a garrison of troops would be deployed near the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

At least 600 US marines and unspecified number of British troops could be deployed to guard the US embassy in Kabul, it added.

Some foreign countries are already worried about safety of their Missions and diplomats in Afghanistan after the US forces leave.

Amid these concerns, Australia announced on Tuesday it was shutting down its Embassy in Kabul due to security concerns.

In view of the concerns it has, the US is also reportedly looking to establish military bases in the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan.