Aspiring Designers must go through Right Training and Internship: Aman Mathur, Fashion Designer

at 1:58 pm

Fashion Education plays a crucial role in shaping the career of an aspiring designer. It is so because each of them may have a different vision and career goal. E.g. few of them would like to start their label or work with a brand or go abroad and work.

So the training must be given according to their calibre, skill, and vision. The required basic knowledge can be attained from the fashion designing colleges but the expertise comes with the right training or the internship at a reputed fashion house, says Fashion Designer Aman Mathur, a fashion design graduate from NIFT who is into Designer Wear with his brand Aman Mathur Fashion House in Lucknow. Excerpts from a conversation with Dwijendra Kumar:

Q.1.. How is a fashion designer different from glorified tailors working in reputed tailoring houses? 

Ans 1: A designer creates dresses. His job is to remain in touch with the latest trends and design dresses based on the same. A designer’s focus is on cuts, fabrics, and fits suiting the requirements of the customers. We create sketches and through proper cuts give life to the garments.

Unlike tailors, we need to create new designs and keep on innovating. A tailor has to cut and stitch garments and that too as per specifications provided by a designer. Further, a designer has to bring out new collections every season and offer varieties to the clients. A tailor on the other hand would always go by his customer’s choice.

2. What are the newly introduced concepts in the field of fashion designing including sustainability and patenting? How does it help a fashion designer? 

Ans: Young designers are working hard to create outfits that are sustainable and    environmentally friendly. They are trying to make the earth chemical free. Recently I attended a fashion show and found that all the designers had come out with collections that incorporated eco-friendly fabrics and organic dyes.

Q.3.. How do you foresee the prospects of a fashion designing student? 

Ans 3: If one is creative and hard working this is one of the best industries to work with. Set the priority right and choose the right path. Right training and internship play a crucial role in building a career. None has time to teach you and wait for your skill upgradation.

Each employer looks for a good hand to be entrusted responsibility with, for which prior work experience under the watchful eyes of an established designer is crucial. One may also use various media tools to create a name for oneself and build a good career.

There are several options available to a fashion designing student beyond the designing arena such as merchandising, fashion communication, production of garments, marketing, etc.

Further, trainee designers have got access to many internet-based platforms to showcase their collections. Though students these days are more aware of their likes and strengths in the design field, what they require is proper mentorship to utilize the same in their career. An internship at a design  house may prove quite useful in this regard.

Q 4. What is your take on exports of fashion and accessories products? 

Ans. Export has always been in the industry. There are exporters in Lucknow who export Chikan work, Chikan fabric, and Chikan outfits to various countries including US and Canada. They like wearing light embroidered outfits.

People in Gulf countries love zardosi and heavy-duty outfits. We export a lot of stuff like that and our clients like it. Export is a good medium of making a big amount of money since the exporters receive orders in bulk. If one gets good clients abroad, he would surely make huge money. People abroad like Indian stuff such as Sharara, Phulkari, etc.

Another reason why we would keep doing good in exports is because of the availability of cheap labor and excellent craftsmanship. People in western countries don’t like to spend much money on clothes. So, quality dresses manufactured by Indian exporters made available at a reasonable price keep Indian outfits in demand.

  5. Is formal training in fashion education imperative for a successful career in fashion design? 

Ans: In any field, one needs to have formal training to get a good job. Experience matters but for that to gain employers don’t provide you time. Huge competition is there in the field. So many Institutes are opening up across the country which means people are getting training in the field.

Further, during the training one gets to have a feel of the job requirements and his liking and preferences. He may then plan his future role accordingly. Otherwise one may end up doing things that may not be of his liking. Further, proper training is required in the field. It is not important to get a job.

The vital point is whether you are designing clothes or not. And for that, not an export house but a Designer’s Boutique may prove a better launching pad. Good institutions may help sharpen designing skills.